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World’s first Hemp Oil Extract products, utilizing the Patented Polarization Technology.

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Aelia Muscle Rub And Spray

Improve Your Life! One Brand, Multiple Solutions.

At AELIA, we believe in taking the best of nature’s healing powers and applying Quantum biology. AELIA delivers a line of lifestyle wellness products with Hemp Extract that are proven to be more effective and more bioavailable to your body through a patented polarization technology.





Tony Hawk Endorses Aelia Polarized Cbd Hemp Extract With Blue Scorpion Peptide Venom


“Because I’m still so active, I’m constantly looking for the most effective hemp oil extract products for muscle pain relief, bruising and post skate recovery. Aelia consistently works well for me, so it’s my first choice.”

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The Science

What Polarization Does For You

Polarization, empowering nature for your benefit, with the magic touch of Aelia. Our product is 5x more potent than the non-polarized.
AELIA Increases your comfort by leaving the pain behind. Our fast-acting, long-lasting product line will take you on your journey to recovery.

Patented Polarization Technology

  • Dr. Arthur Mikaelian, CEO of Medolife Rx/ AELIA, discovered a new scientific method that impacts and revolutionizes the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.
  • He pioneered a methodology using the quantum biology of Polarization, which is a dream come true for scientists.
  • The science behind Polarization consists of calculating the resonance of atomic and molecular frequencies of any given organic or non-organic matter.


The Nature

Polarized Organic Ingredients

AELIA has taken the timeless supporting powers of Nature and applied cutting-edge Quantum Biology.

Icon Arnica


Icon Turmeric


Icon Blue Scorpion

Blue Scorpion Venom

Icon Plant Stem Cells

Plant Stem Cells

What People Are Saying

{I have tried a number of other salves and thisvone is the best - starts working in 15 minutes or less!
{ have used products like this for years and have never gotten the level of relief I do from Aelia Muscle Rub. Best...Rub...Ever
{This muscle rub is a game changer, it acts fast and and keeps my pain away so I can do what I need to do throughout my day!

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