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Where Science Meets Nature


  • The World’s only polarization technology that may enhance the powers of Nature.
  • We produce reliable products that may have five times the increase in potency and efficacy.
  • A differentiates itself by offering the highest-quality, most efficacious natural and complex products available.
  • Our products are made to pharmaceutical standards and designed to improve your life.
  • We leverage this polarization technology in all of our products.

The Nature

Polarized Organic Ingredients

AELIA has taken the timeless supporting powers of Nature and applied cutting-edge Quantum Biology.

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Blue Scorpion Venom

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Plant Stem Cells


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AELIA is an applied life science company that harnesses the power of our Proprietary Polarization Technology. This technology utilizes a unique process that may increase the absorption and effectiveness of both complex and straightforward compounds by up to 560%, compared to others on the market today.

AELIA leverages this technology in all of its wellness product categories. AELIA may have the highest-quality, most potent, natural, and complex products available. AELIA products are made to strict pharmaceutical standards and designed to support our customer’s lives and overall wellbeing.

The Team

We are scientists

AELIA management is comprised of scientists, medical professionals, and wellness experts.

Dr. Arthur Mikaelian

Dr. Arthur Mikaelian

For the past 20 years, Dr. Mikaelian has been independently studying stress hormones (cortisol, epinephrine), master gene (ATF3), and their indirect influences on cancer cell activity and tumor progression. His initial findings quickly led him to the innovative creation of a new generation of nutraceuticals and pharmaceutical drugs and expanding his interests in cancer and oncology.

One of Dr. Mikaelian’s most significant scientific contributions and ground-breaking inventions is his Polarization technology. That may target critical elements in the main ingredients of medications, leading to intensifying the potency of liquid or solid compounds, which substantially increases their therapeutic effectiveness. Dr. Mikaelian’s polarization technology has U.S. Patent 8,097,284 B2 as it pertains to Polarized Scorpion Venom solution and the method for making it.